About Us

OldMotors is an online social history magazine dedicated to telling the stories of the industrial and societal forces behind automobiles and often the people who brought them to life; from the dawn of motoring to the present day. We particularly focus on under-reported stories or lesser-known vehicles.

We began as an Instagram account but have also branched out into Facebook. We post daily short-form histories on Instagram and longer versions on Facebook. Now you’ll be able to read even more detailed versions of those histories and search out your favorites, here on OldMotors.net.

We hope to bring you more in-depth interviews, videos, and periodic content about newer vehicles (provided they are interesting enough) in the future.

We believe that authorship is important, and so unless otherwise noted, almost all images related to Old Motors are original works or images we own in archival form.

Although there’s always help in the background from other people, the “We” is really one person – Alex Kwanten dba Old Motors/Macchina Solutions, and all materials – written and visual, are copyright Alex Kwanten. Alex Kwanten is an author at Forbes, but OldMotors is not part of or directly affiliated with Forbes.

The histories you find here were inspired by Lord Montagu and Michael Sedgewick’s Lost Causes of Motoring series, Robert A. Caro’s The Power Broker, and John Newhouse’s The Sporty Game, and the works of L.J.K. Setright, among many other great reads about automotive, industrial, and social history. We sit on the shoulders of giants.