Sites You’ll Like

Old Motors is just one of many Automotive History and Culture sites, and what you see here is informed by loads of sources. We don’t cover everything and if you want to learn more or just read more, here are some people who do excellent work which you will also like:

ARonline – Austin-Rover Online is a comprehensive historical source for all things relating to BMC, British Leyland, Austin-Rover, and the Rover Group and is run by Keith Adams. The site’s coverage begins in roughly 1959 and does not cover all British cars, but provides amazing details behind the people and politics of the British Industry.

Ate Up With Motor Ate Up With Motor is an award-winning history site publishing in-depth histories on both vehicles and technology run by Aaron Severson. Typical histories might run 5,000 words and multiple pages, so there’s plenty of great stuff to dig into.

The Old MotorThe Old Motor is a comprehensive online vintage automobile magazine, updated daily with over 17,000 vintage photographs on display. It is published by the extremely knowledgeable David Greenlees out of Brattleboro, Vermont. “The Old Motor” is not related to Old Motors, despite our similar names and tends to focus more heavily on vintage and pre-1960s automobiles.

Japanese Nostalgic CarJNC focuses on, as the name implies, Japanese cars of every era and type. In addition to ongoing editorial coverage that you won’t find elsewhere, JNC has an active discussion forum in which lots of interesting material can be found.

Curbside ClassicCurbside Classic was founded by Paul Niedermeyer in 2011 and boasts a large staff of knowledgeable contributors. Mostly dedicated to found subjects, the site focuses far more closely on everyday cars that can still be (rarely) seen in regular use rather than more esoteric or high end classics.

Forbes Wheels – OldMotors author Alex Kwanten was the managing editor of Forbes Wheels. If you want to know more about modern cars or are seeking advice on purchasing a new vehicle in the USA or Canada, it’s a great resource. Alex’s ongoing work can now be found on the Forbes Lifestyle channel.

Citroënet – Citroënet is a British-based, authoritative site on all things relating to the famous double chevrons. Though narrowly focused on a single brand, it features an amazing level of detail. It has been run in various forms by British Citroën guru Julian Marsh since 1995.

Astonuts – Christian’s feed is an Instagram account, not a website, but it’s one of the best automotive Instagram feeds of all time – filled with all sorts of amazing and unusual vehicles, usually featuring some backgrounds in English and French on whatever rarity it may be – from veteran cars right up through the 1990s and 2000s.