Gallery: Radwood PNW 2021

We usually post show galleries to our Facebook page, but not everybody uses that platform, so for the first time ever we’ve decided to host a gallery here. All of these photos were taken at Radwood PNW 2021, and you’ll be seeing many of them again in future OldMotors posts, either in short or long form. We might also add some photos to existing content. Radwood, as you may know if you’re a regular reader, is a gathering of cars built between 1980 and 2000, though there are some “pre-rad” era vehicles that touch the fringes of the concept.

Due to some technical limitations you’ll need to click on each image to see it at a larger size, and then use your back button to return to this page. If you were at the Radwood PNW show and don’t see your car here, feel free to get in touch. Enjoy!

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